A Variety of Diagnostic

Revolutionizing the brain health standard of care, we deliver neurodiagnostic capabilities directly to clinicians with a user-friendly and safe imaging device, for early detection, differential diagnosis and treatment prediction of neurodegenerative diseases.

FDA Breakthrough Designation in Stroke and Dementia Diagnosis

Delphi-MD was granted a Breakthrough Designation Medical Device status for the detection of patients at risk for Stroke and Dementia.

FDA Breakthrough Designation for NPH Diagnosis

Delphi-MD was Granted a Breakthrough Designation Medical Device for the Diagnosis of NPH and Prediction of Shunt Treatment Response.

For Physicians

Diagnose patients’ neurodegeneration while it is still treatable

Delphi-MD provides clinicians with a highly sensitive diagnostic value. Delphi-MD’s breakthrough technology enables clinicians to diagnose and care for their patients at the earliest opportunity, even before symptoms present and improves their diagnostic process and treatment effectiveness.

Enable early and improved diagnosis

Attain differential diagnosis through neurophysiological measurement

Leverage objective data for informed decisions

Provide personalized patient care

Receive instant actionable recommendations report

Enable higher patient compliance

Drive more patients towards effective treatment pathways

Generate additional revenue

For Healthcare Systems and Payors

Accessable, cost-effective and non-invasive brain health diagnosis

The use of Delphi-MD provides highly accurate, non-invasive brain diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases. Delphi-MD helps healthcare systems and payors improve brain healthcare outcomes and offers patients a one-of-a-kind functional imaging test, promoting preventative care and treatment while reducing financial burden.

Improved risk adjustment

Reduce stroke hospitalization and rehabilitation costs
Drive more patients towards effective treatment pathways
Reduce the rate of diagnosis complications and unnecessary surgery
Reduce the costs of dementia homecare and hospitalization Avoid unnecessary CT/ MRI scans
Decrease assessment duration
Improve clinical outcomes

Improve patient experience and wellbeing

For Pharma and CRO

Improved Brain Health Patients Selection and Treatment Efficacy Monitoring

Delphi-MD’s breakthrough technology enables pharmaceutical and CRO companies to accurately locate the right patients for their medications and to track treatment efficacy in both the short and long term. This improves clinical outcomes and enhances patient satisfaction.

Highly accurate patient selection during clinical trials

Prediction of treatment outcomes and clinical protocol optimization

Objective ongoing medication efficacy monitoring, short and long term effect in multiple brain function measurements

Cost- effective, accessible assessment at any clinical site

Immediate results, easily integrated to any documentation system

Neurodiagnosis Done Right

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