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IMIO Partners With QuantalX To Map Brain Network Response To Psychedelic Therapy

Nov 8, 2021 | Press Release

The collaboration will apply QuantalX’s breakthrough device Delphi·MD™ technology to develop a comprehensive database relating to psychedelic substance effects on the brain Drug development company IMIO life ltd. (“IMIO”), a company dedicated to the development of advanced psychedelic pharmaceutical solutions, has entered into a collaborative research & development Program with QuantalX Neuroscience ltd. (“QuantalX”). The collaboration will be applying QuantalX’s Delphi·MD™ imaging technology to clinical activities led by IMIO and its collaborators, with the intent of developing a comprehensive data-base relating to psychedelic substance effects on the brain for the study of brain activity during and after psychedelic treatments. IMIO’s CEO, Mr. Abraham Dreazen: “Our collaboration with QuantalX builds on our commitment to develop a better understanding of the human brain in peruse for life changing medications. By joining forces and applying Delphi·MD™ innovative technology to map brain network response in patients undergoing psychedelic treatment could deepen the understanding of the way in which psychedelic molecules affect our brain and could open new possibilities for advanced, personalized breakthrough treatments for neurological and psychiatric conditions.”
The collaboration will work to incorporate the Delphi·MD™ imaging technology into the IMIO’s clinical trials and to establish cross industry collaborations for the purpose of establishing a database to be used as part of IMIO’s drug development activity.
About IMIO IMIO is the psychedelic focused subsidiary of Israeli public company Nextage therapeutics (TASE:NXTG). IMIO is dedicated to developing breakthrough pharmaceutical products for severe neurological conditions with a core portfolio focused on severe chronic pain. IMIO is leveraging it’s BTLS™ delivery technology, a groundbreaking brain targeted nanoparticle delivery system. BTLS™ allows for a more effective and safer treatment by delivering the active molecule directly through the blood-brain-barrier, reducing systemic exposure and increasing efficacy. IMIO previously announced a collaboration with Canadian company MindMed to utilize its BTLS™ platform for the development of a safer Ibogaine based treatment (read more about the collaboration here )
  About Delphi·MD™ Delphi·MD™ is the first non-invasive probe for direct brain network visualization. The technology is CE certified and recently was granted a breakthrough designation medical device from the FDA. Delphi·MD™  presents the potential to become the main global tool for diagnostics and routine Brain health monitoring providing objective and meaningful insights. Delphi·MD™ probes brain network response through non-invasive, radiation free, focused magnetic stimulation. Neuronal response is automatically analyzed providing physiological measures of brain function in targeted brain networks. Focused magnetic stimulation technology enables direct, safe, probing to specific brain areas, providing, for the first time, clinical measures of neuronal connectivity, reactivity and plasticity.
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