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Unmasking the Hidden Struggle: Mild Cognitive Impairment and the Urgent Need for Early Detection

Dec 7, 2023 | Blog

By Iftach Dolev PhD, CEO and Co-Founder QuantalX. 

In a recent Wired article, the alarming revelation that nearly everyone with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) goes undiagnosed sheds light on a critical issue plaguing our society. The article emphasizes the crucial role of early detection and informed clinical decisions in mitigating the impact of cognitive decline. At QuantalX Neuroscience, we recognize the urgency of addressing cognitive health challenges.


Understanding the Problem

In the majority of cases, MCI serves as a precursor to more severe cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease. The article emphasizes the widespread lack of diagnosis for individuals experiencing early cognitive decline, attributing it to a myriad of factors, including stigma, insufficient screening, and under recognition by healthcare providers.


The Importance of Early Detection

Early identification of MCI is paramount for several reasons. It allows for timely intervention and the implementation of strategies to slow cognitive decline or even treat it in specific degenerative conditions. Additionally, it provides individuals and their families with the opportunity to plan for the future. Moreover, it opens doors for potential participation in clinical trials aimed at advancing research and treatment options.


Barriers to Diagnosis

The article highlights societal stigmas and systemic challenges within the healthcare system as significant barriers to diagnosing MCI. Lack of awareness, limited screening protocols, and the prevailing misconception that cognitive issues are an inevitable part of aging, contribute to the pervasive underdiagnosis.


QuantalX and the Brain Health Care Gap

QuantalX Neuroscience stands at the forefront of addressing these challenges. Our breakthrough technology, the Delphi-MD device, represents the first point-of-care neurodiagnostic system designed for optimal and personalized patient brain health. This device has been awarded the FDA Breakthrough Designation for neurodiagnostic technology twice, enabling early detection, differential diagnosis, and treatment prediction within a collaborative care model.

By placing the power of objective brain health testing in the hands of healthcare professionals, QuantalX aims to revolutionize the diagnostic landscape, ensuring that individuals with MCI receive the attention and care they deserve.

QuantalX Neuroscience remains committed to advancing brain health diagnostics, working tirelessly to overcome barriers and contribute to a future where early detection is the norm, not the exception. Together, we can empower individuals to face cognitive challenges with resilience and ensure that no one goes undiagnosed.

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